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School Governor's File



The key to su
ccessful participation at a governors' meeting is proper preparation. A few basic steps are set out below:
  • Check that you have all necessary papers
  • Put them in a file or folder, in the correct order for the meeting"
    (DfES Directive)



gov_file_inside.jpgEffective Storage
The governor's file ring binder is A4 sized with a 25mm D-Ring mechanism, and is available in charcoal, purple, green, orange, red or blue.

Complete Organisation
These ring binders contain a ten-part index that has been overprinted with titles, a dated calendar section, a sixteen-page section to store important addresses and telephone numbers and pages to make notes.

Useful Resources
The files also contain a selection of resources for school governors: - a lined notepad with fifty pages three poly-pockets for storing loose bits and pieces. Refills are available each year for the calendar, personal information and notepad sections.

 No. of Files
 1-5 £5.75
 6-10 £5.55
 11-20 £5.45
 21-100 £5.25

Please note that all of the prices on this page do not include postage/packaging or VAT.
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Committee Files (Set of Nine) - CF/9
A full set of nine binders for school committees, including labelled folders for curriculum, discipline, finance, marketing, interviews, parents, premises, planning and staffing.
£24.00 each
(incl VAT)
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Minutes File - MF
An A4 ring binder plus a five-part divider with blank sections.
£3.54 each
(incl VAT)
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School Governor's File - GF
An A4 ring binder with a ten-part index overprinted with titles, including a calendar, sections for personal information and note-making, and three poly-pockets to store loose items.
£7.14 each
(incl VAT)
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You are viewing results 1 to 3 of 3